About Us

Love well! Light Up! Let go!

I love to inquire,  observe and discover.

Writing is alchemy.

Words onto the page transform my mood, opens my heart and mind, and discord often fades toward harmony. Writing doesn’t solve all the problems, but rock-hard burdens get broken up.

As I write my mind slips into a different gear. This might lead me to a creative idea, a new twist to an old dilemma, or it might simply mean I lighten up.

If before sitting down with pen to page my gears are stuck in second, writing oils so I can shift up–all the way to 22 on some days and maybe just to third.

Writing gives air, oxygen. It jiggles me in the best of ways.

Besides reading, I love to interview people–and sometimes simply encounter an interesting stranger who shares her story. I like learning what people value, what they do, and why.

A poet and writer, gardener and mediator, I appreciates this blog as a sort of compost–all the better when readers write back–adding to the conversation and questions. 

How do I know what I think until I see what I say?

Joan Didion